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The oil & gas market in West Africa is a bustling hive of opportunity. The rewards can be lucrative and it is a region that shouldn't be ignored. Especially in times where the market place you know best is suffering.

Afriquest UK has devised a strategy that makes entry into the West African oil & gas markets immediate, structured and accessible. Companies can quickly experience a very poor return on investment if not approached correctly. Our method creates the opportunity to have a successful, growing presence without the associated difficulties. We have the experience to ensure that the pitfalls can be avoided. These can be costly, time consuming and can ultimately end up in the region being declared unprofitable or too difficult.

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Afriquest formed due to it's founding member experiencing many challenges when entering into African markets. Our company is well placed to establish quick and safe routes to market through an understanding of local customs and a large local network. This takes away the risks and delays of venturing into the unknown on your own.



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Afriquest UK & Kongsberg Maritime:Distributor Agreement

I am happy to announce we are a new addition to Kongsberg Maritime Subsea's Dealer Network. Afriquest UK is appointed Dealer for Mesotech, Geoacoustics, Camera and Contros products in Nigeria, Congo, Angola and Ghana. Konrad Mech, Director of Subsea Channel Management said, "I have worked with Brett Laurenson for a number of years and I am sure his combination of intelligence and boundless energy will benefit us both greatly in this region."

Afriquest UK & Kongsberg Maritime

Afriquest UK & Hydro Group:Working Together

We are pleased to announce that we are working with Hydro Group, to further expand and develop their business in the West African region. Hydro Group specialise in the design and manufacture of subsea and harsh environment electrical and optical connectors, penetrators, cable assemblies and terminations for the oil and gas, renewable energy and defence industries. Afriquest UK will look to facilitate new business opportunities and enhance existing relationships to increase market share in the area. Graham Wilkie, Head of Global Development at Hydro Group added, ‘Hydro Group together with Afriquest will bring proven and reliable subsea optical and electrical interconnect solutions to the West Africa region. We are delighted to be working with a team that employs local knowledge to offer and deliver solutions for harsh environment applications.’

Afriquest UK & Hydro Group

Afriquest UK & Load Monitoring Systems:Partnership

We are pleased to announce that Afriquest UK has been appointed as a distributor for Load Monitoring Systems (LMS). LMS specialise in the design and manufacture of load monitoring equipment for use in industrial applications. With over 18 years’ experience in specialist load monitoring, LMS has a proven track record developing a range of products tailored around customer needs. Afriquest UK are delighted to be able distribute the LMS range to clients and customers within the West African region. For more information please contact us at:

Afriquest UK & Load Monitoring Systems

Afriquest UK & Hands Free Bolting:Working Together

Hands Free Bolting Limited are proud to announce that Afriquest UK has been successfully appointed as an Approved Reseller of our safe, simple and innovative accessories. For further information on our products within West Africa, details for one of your local representatives is:

Afriquest UK & Hands Free Bolting

NEW APPOINTMENT:Business Manager

We have had a great start to the year at Afriquest UK including a very successful trip to Nigeria. Not only have we been awarded numerous new contracts, we are also seeing a steady increase in enquiries and these requests are creating new export opportunities for UK businesses. We continue to deliver high quality services to our existing portfolio and our customer base is growing steadily. As a result of our increased activity I am very pleased to share that Nneka Echezulor will join the team as Business Manager and will operate in Nigeria. Nneka has great intellect and a flair for initiative and I am confident she will deliver for our clients. Afriquest UK aims to provide transparency and fluid communications between the UK and West Africa and we are well on our way to achieving this objective.


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